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  • Get any plan for life from $100
  • Decide on features for the builder
  • Drive more clients with uKit AI
  • Make money on this
ICO ends in:

Meet UKT token

Your personal digital key
that unlocks new uKit features

Lifetime Premium

Buy the desired plan and use it for life. Don't need it anymore? Just give it to another user.

Manage product development

What features and templates are needed the most? What to release first? Now, this is determined by votes of token holders.

Advanced technology

Just launch the ads, uKit will do the rest. We'll apply artificial intelligence to turn your website visitors into your clients.

Rent out or sell your token

The number of tokens is limited, and you can make money out of it. We will provide all the necessary tools.

1 million users have already chosen uKit.
Join us too by buying a token at a special price!
The offer is limited.
What is an ICO?


The collective financing of innovative projects.

The main difference from the conventional crowdfunding is that there are tokens that you can use to pay for services or trade on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Anyone who is interested can buy a token during ICO.
uKit clients can make the purchase at a special price.

How it works exactly

Get any plan for life

At an unbeatable price for uKit clients

You just need to have tokens to enjoy the chosen plan for a lifetime.

One payment — and the subscription is yours for as long as you need. A token doesn't drop in value when you pay for a plan, which gives you an opportunity to rent it out or sell in the future.

10 000 tokens
  • $100
  • $200
15 000 tokens
  • $150
  • $300
20 000 tokens
  • $200
  • $400
30 000 tokens
  • $300
  • $600

Control: you decide,
we do the coding

During online voting, choose what you'd like to see added next to the builder

Only for token holders

Become a token holder and you will be among those who can influence the development of the project. Each token gives you 1 vote. The more tokens you have, the more decision power you gain.

Results that can't be faked

Fair results of online voting are ensured by the blockchain technology: it is already used for voting at many different levels worldwide.

Token holders will decide
for the new features that will appear.

uKit AI: assistant for your website

Just create a website, and artificial intelligence will serve it as a designer and marketer.

Get modern design 2018

uKit AI will refresh the look and technologies of any website. In minutes, whenever you like.

Receive more orders 2019

Your website will be tailored for different visitors to increase the conversion rate.

Save budget

Our smart assistant will "squeeze" more out of the same amount of traffic, cutting the customer acquisition costs.

Not just another builder
but the perfect investment

Rent your token out

Just create a website, and artificial intelligence will serve it as a designer and marketer.

After completing the ICO, uKit will have a marketplace — an internal trading platform. There, you will be able to resell an extra token to another user of the builder or rent it out for some time.

Sell it later on a cryptocurrency exchange

A token has one more interesting feature: its value grows together with uKit.

For as little as 2 years, our builder has won over 50+ countries — and this is only the beginning. Growing assets often attract outside buyers. Give your token some time to grow and sell it on one of the specialized exchanges.

How to become a UKT token holder

  • 1

    Register in the token sale dashboard: in the future, you will also be able to vote and manage your tokens from there.

  • 2

    Create a wallet and purchase cryptocurrency — we've prepared this guide to walk you through this process. It's easy.

    Make a purchase in any way convenient for you:

  • 3

    Go back to the dashboard where you can exchange funds from your wallet to the desired amount of UKT tokens.

ICO ends in:
Buy tokens

Utility Token

According to the Howey test results, our token is not a security.

Get more from uKit

The rest will be handled by our close-knit team

Evgeny Kurt

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of the company. Evgeny initiated the launch of uKit and uKit AI.

Irina Cherepanova

Chief Product Officer at uKit. Irina manages the release of new functionality. Joined the company in 2008.

Pavel Kudinov

Chief Technical Officer at uKit. Pavel has been supervising the development of the product from the very beginning in 2014. Joined the company 5 years ago.

Oleg Pavlov

Head of SMM. Oleg has been responding to you on FB and other social media for 2 years. Joined the company 4 and a half years ago.

And over 100 employees in 4 cities of the CIS

From 3 to 12 years

is the work experience of each key team member in the relevant position

uKit Group — 12 years

on the SaaS solutions market to creating websites and optimizing their conversions

3 products

collectively released and making good progress

Real products

Our token is ensured by the platform that you can already use,
and enjoy even more opportunities in the coming years



Successful website builder for the global market: 1 million users from hundreds of countries.

Beginning of 2018


Landing page builder with integrated conversion boosting tools. Similar to uKit in its ease of use.

End of 2018

uKit AI 1.0

Instant redesign of websites with artificial intelligence, the service is anticipated by 20 mln users worldwide.


uKit AI 2.0

Smart customization of websites to different visitors that increases sales with no extra advertising costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is cryptocurrency the thing of the future?

The history of the cryptocurrency market is similar to the history of the traditional stock market. Just because of technologies, it develops much faster — literally before our very eyes.

In less than a decade, cryptocurrencies have become a real economic force.

If in 2009, when it all began, the bitcoin rate was $0.06-0.8, at the end of 2017 it costs over $15,000 — no other financial instrument would have allowed the investor to increase the capital several thousand times over the same period. Cryptocurrency has already been recognized as an official means of payment both at the national level (for example, in Japan) and at the business level. Many countries consider its legalization in the near future. These countries declare their development on the basis of technology: the blockchain and cryptocurrencies based on it naturally fit into such a strategy.

Along with cryptocurrencies, digital tokens (a particular instance of cryptocurrencies) produced by the projects as part of ICO have been steadily coming into common use. The logic of their work is ensured by smart contracts and in the future are withdrawn and traded on specialized crypto exchanges. And although the first ICO was held in 2013, 2017 revealed the real explosive growth, while the current amount of funds raised through ICO in 2017 has already exceeded $3 billion.

There is every indication that cryptocurrencies and smart contracts will continue to strengthen their positions in international finance.

What is a token?

A token is a digital unit of exchange that is traded within a specific project or platform. For example, in uKit a UKT token is a certificate that provides an opportunity to use any plan of the builder for an unlimited time, vote for the release of new functionality, as well as to pay for conversion rate optimization services that are performed on websites using AI uKit artificial intelligence. The exchange of a token or its share is based on the blockchain principle.

Besides the fact that a token is intended for transactions, due to the growth potential it can attract other investors who would be willing to buy it from you at a higher price.

What is an ICO?

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is the newest form of raising funds for technological projects that can bring in profits.

The main difference from the conventional crowdfunding (collective financing) is that there are tokens that you can use to pay for services or trade through cryptocurrency exchanges.

As part of ICO, investors can purchase tokens — internal cryptocurrency of the project — at the starting prices. A Pre-ICO is the token sale event that is often held before the official ICO campaign goes live, and is run to offer tokens to early investors on special terms. In many respects, the logic behind it is similar to crowdfunding that was popular in the 21st century, but the collection of funds is made in cryptocurrencies. An ICO is often compared to an IPO — the primary placement of shares by companies on traditional exchanges. But in case of ICO, we deal with cryptocurrency exchanges.

Why is uKit running an ICO?

All companies want to grow, especially if they are profitable. Attracting external funds is an opportunity to grow faster and start releasing new products and their versions. Conventional methods of attracting investments in IT (venture transactions, IPOs) often mean the team's refusal to fully manage the product in favor of third-party shareholders. Therefore, we are launching the ICO to reach out to real users to develop the product with us: you can directly vote for changes in uKit, without the boards of directors and other things.

Why is it worth buying a token?

In addition to the participation in voting and purchasing uKit plans on special terms, a UKT token is a sustainable investment in a growing business in booming markets. Because the token is not spent on using the builder, you can resell it when its value increases.

  • Successful business since 2005

    The builder was founded and developed by uKit Group (formerly uCoz Web Services), the company with 12 years of experience and 3.5 million active websites.

  • Profitable uKit product since 2017

    The business with 2 years on the market and millions of users launches ICO. The starting price of a UKT token is already ensured by the modern platform for websites that you can use straight away. This makes our project stand out from many teams that announce an ICO with only an idea behind it.

  • The next big thing for the site building market since 2018

    Based on our platform for websites and developments in the field of new machine learning technologies, we will release the uKit AI redesign system for old sites that will allow everyone to instantly update the website to modern web standards without resorting to expensive specialists. 40% of businesses worldwide already have websites, which gives the project a good starting base. At the same time, both the number of websites and the number of second-level domains connected to them are growing.

  • Big data market since 2019

    An investment in one of the red-hot markets. The bulk of the data on the Internet is made up of websites and applications. By having a platform for websites and a system of instant redesign with AI, we will create uKit AI 2.0 — the system improving the conversion rate of websites based on data. This way, uKit will work at the junction of two growing markets.

How many tokens can I buy?

The minimum pledge you can make is 100 tokens. A token costs $0.015 during the Pre-ICO, and $0.02 during the ICO. Please keep in mind that the services may charge transaction fees.

How can I buy tokens?

You just need your bank card or a wallet for the digital currency.

Step-by-step guide

Is it possible to get a refund?

If the project collects less than $2.5M in investments during the ICO in 2018, all of the raised funds will be returned according to the smart contract.

What if I want to change the plan?

You can buy more tokens than required by the active plan and keep them in reserve. For example, by purchasing 30 000 tokens and selecting the Premium+ Plan (15 000 tokens), in the future you'll have no problem upgrading to the Pro Plan (30 000 tokens), or buying a combination of the Premium and eCommerce Plans.

If, at some point, you need more tokens to upgrade to a more advanced plan, you will be able to purchase the necessary number of tokens from another owner through the internal (marketplace) or external exchange. In addition, you will still have the possibility to renew your plan or upgrade it in the usual way — by using a subscription.

How can I sell or rent a token out?

Token holders can rent their tokens out through the uKit internal marketplace. The launch of the marketplace will be one of the first topics for voting among participants. Thanks to the blockchain technology, the details on the renting transaction will be kept by all participants, which will exclude the possibility of fraud by any of the parties.

The token can be sold on the internal marketplace as well as on external cryptocurrency exchanges. The list of exchanges where our token will be available will be announced only upon the ICO completion.

How does the voting for uKit development work?

The voting for new functionality will be held online only among UKT token holders. Each vote will be recorded, encrypted and, if necessary, always available for subsequent verification. The fairness of voting will be ensured by the blockchain technology: with it in place, even one vote cannot be substituted without changing the whole chain of records about other votes.

Tokens will be distributed based on the "1 token is 1 vote" principle. For example, the opinion of a person holding 3 tokens will outweigh the opinion of a person having 1 token.

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