UKT Token

During the ICO, we issue ERC20 tokens.
The emission of tokens is limited to 1,000,000,000.* Tokens will be credited to personal accounts of token holders within 30 days after the ICO completion.
A holder of 10,000 or more UKT tokens is eligible to use premium packages within the family of uKit products (including uLanding) for an indefinite period of time during which UKT tokens are held. In case a UKT token is resold or transferred, this right is passed to a new holder. When used in this way, tokens don’t expire and aren’t used as means of payment though serve as access to premium services of the company.
10 000
15 000
20 000
30 000
Token distribution
1 000 000 000


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15% of tokens will be allocated to the team and put on hold for one and a half years without an opportunity to sell them. The reason behind this is to maximize the team's commitment to the successful development of the project. uData users will be able to get tokens from the reserve fund for contributing their data to finalize the training of the system.

The tokens that you will use within the system will be available again and you can get them (earn) by contributing your data ("mining"). To learn more about "mining" and uData operation, visit this page.

What is the benefit for a token holder?

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    Holding tokens is equal to having a premium package in uKit and uLanding website builders. Those who hold 10 000 tokens or more can use premium packages for free and their tokens don't expire. Tokens might as well be rented out to a third party for a similar usage.

  • 2

    You can always sell your tokens to users of our working products on our internal marketplace. Thanks to the existing and ever-growing uKit and uLanding builders, a token will always be in strong demand. This way, by buying tokens, users can enjoy the products they need on special terms.

  • 3

    We are also considering the option of taking UKT tokens to an online exchange. This will be possible not earlier than within 30 days after the completion of the ICO.

Token guarantee and minimal price

Holding tokens is equal to having premium packages in uKit and uLanding website builders. Those who hold 10 000 tokens or more can use the Premium Plan indefinitely and the tokens won't expire.

According to the number of tokens that we issue and their price, they would be enough only for 50 000 consumers of paid services. But this figure is very small compared with the demand that exists in the market for website builders. In our opinion, this mechanism ensures the minimal price regardless of the progress and success of uKit AI, since it is based on the existing and working product —

Why will a token grow?

A token will be ensured by the percentage of all conversions in the uKit AI system. The bigger the system and the number of users and performed conversions, the more conversions you can buy with a token. Therefore, the token value grows together with the system.

This is a cloud model similar to that used by Amazon Cloud. At the beginning, 1% of the system potential is not much. But when the system expands, it becomes a significant acquisition.

In our case, you are buying a percentage of our capacities and a percentage of system's conversions in exchange for a token.

To make it more clear, here's the specific case:

10 000 tokens = 0.001% conversions

Let's take a day when the size of the system is 100,000 conversions. This means that 0.001% from 100,000, which is 10 conversions, can be purchased with one token. After a while, the system will grow up to 1,000,000 conversions. In this case, 0.001% from 1,000,000 will equal 100, i.e. 10 000 tokens = 100 conversions.

The figure of 100,000 conversions is taken just for illustrative purposes and is far from being real.

In fact, at the time of its launch, the system will process at least 10,000,000,000 impressions per month. And if we assume the average growth of 300%, in a year 0.001% will make 3,000,000 conversions, which is the traffic of a medium-sized website.

This is the logic behind the token growth, a token will increase together with the system.

* All tokens purchased during PRE-ICO will be redenominated at the rate of 1=10 000 UKT. That is, if you bought 2 tokens, 20 000 tokens will be credited to your account.