Artificial Intelligence
For Websites

Boosting conversion with machine learning
and big data analysis by customizing the page
to visitors' preferences.

Tokens are issued!
  • Successful business

    Over 100 employees, 3.5 mln websites

  • Product with 1 million users

    Serves as a basis for the platform

  • Hard cap of $10 000 000

    Token grows with the system

Problems We Solve

Each audience needs
an individual approach
& their own landing page

Each product has several customer segments and there’s a need to create personalized messages for them.

Conversion optimization.
Out of 100 hypotheses,
just one works out

Only after killing dozens of ideas and days, will you be able to collect data to find a potentially effective solution.

Maintaining multiple
landing pages takes time
and resources

Monotonous manual work doesn’t let you quickly find a working hypothesis in order to make meaningful changes.

Big businesses have learned to personalize websites and increase conversions
with the help of AI. We are making this technology available to everyone.

We offer an all-in-one solution

For 12 years that we've been working on the market of mass web services for business, we have thoroughly studied the needs of this audience. Based on our in-house developments, we are releasing the platform that brings together an online CMS, conversions knowledge base and intelligent design system.

Multipurpose website builder with 1 million users.

Common code base

Landing page builder with the system to test content and hypotheses.

Intelligent re-design system based on generative algorithms and neural networks.

Intelligent analysis and blockchain-based data storage system.

Based on these technologies, the project will create dynamic landing pages — website versions personalized for different audiences.

How It Works

Artificial intelligence monitors the website as a marketer, analyst and
designer. You can earn a part of the token by educating this system.

AI identifies site visitors and figures out what they like

Thanks to the database of Internet users, the system knows the tastes of different audiences and fine-tunes the pages to match them. Each visitor sees the website version that will most likely motivate them to take a target action: buy, submit an order, etc.

Machine learning is used to improve the conversion

The system tracks how users react to different website versions, compares results and picks the best variations for further display. It constantly learns to increase the website's effectiveness and usability, while the community members get an advantage over competitors thanks to dynamic personalization of their resources.

AI learns from the data: contribute and get tokens in return

Most of the information is purchased from the DMPs — large external data providers. But the owners of individual websites can also contribute.

By sharing with the system the statistics on the traffic that has passed through your websites, you will get a part of the token from the project's reserve fund.

Learn more about exchange

Data packages are signed with the key that is passed to the uData smart contract's blockchain in the Ethereum system, while centralized public log removes the restriction on the total volume of the stored information.

This is the main use of blockchain within the platform.

Personalizing websites for visitors is the next big thing on the Web.
Product for
Growing Markets

Websites & website building market

Every year builders are making a bigger share of the billion-dollar "pie" of all websites and getting more popular with entrepreneurs and professionals. We are creating a platform based on the website builder that already has international sales.

Big data market

It is expected to triple in value within the next years. The biggest part of the income will be generated by professional services and data storages. The work of our platform is closely connected with data. We are creating our own storage that complements the service for business.

UKT Token

Already backed by working products

1 000 000 000

Tokens will be issued in total

550 000 000

Tokens will be sold


Token price during ICO

The received funds (up to $10M) will be spent on finalizing the uKit AI intelligent design system, creating the uData analysis and data storage system, purchasing data to train the systems, and performing marketing activities to bring the platform to the market.
1 000 000 000


  • Costs
    Percentage, %
  • ICO
  • Reserve fund
  • Team
  • Advisors
  • Bounty

The team's tokens will be available for transfer, usage and sale in one and a half years after the ICO's completion.

Learn more about tokens

Due at once
  • Lifetime use

    Of existing website builders. And the tokens won't expire.

  • Influence the product

    The release cycle of the new functionality is determined by votes of token holders. The fairness of voting is ensured by the blockchain technology.

In the future
  • Get rewards

    If you are a website owner who contributes data. The reward is based on the current volume of the system.

  • Exchange a part of the token for AI

    At the moment, 10 000 tokens give you 0.001% of personalizations by uKit AI and uData.

    Learn more about exchange

Utility Token

According to the Howey test results, our token is not a security.

June 2015

Launch of uKit's commercial version

March 2017

1 million uKit users,
active international sales

November 2017

uKit AI Prototypes:
website recognition and evaluation

Hard cap

$10 000 000

Soft cap

$2 500 000

February 2018


December 2017


April 2018

uKit AI Beta: neural network converts websites

May 2018

Start of uData development, the blockchain-based big data storage

June 2018

Voting system for product changes

July 2018

uKit AI 1.0: a ready-to-use tool that improves websites using AI

January 2019

Release of uKit 2.0 and reward system

September 2018

Beta version of uKit AI: data-driven design

August 2018

Beta version of uData: the systems starts working with data

Evgeny Kurt
CEO, Co-Founder

12 years in the business of cloud solutions for creating websites. Evgeny is a co-founder of uKit Group that develops uKit and uKit AI. He in charge of growing and managing the operating activities of the company.

Irina Cherepanova
CPO, Co-Founder

Supervises marketing and development of all products of the uKit family (uKit, uLanding, uKit AI). Irina joined the company 8 years ago. Initially, Irina managed uShop that powers 10K online shops.

Pavel Kudinov

An architect of uKit AI and uData. Pavel has been supervising the development of uKit and uKit AI from the very beginning. He has 12 years of experience working as a technical director in high load projects. Joined the company 5 years ago.

Roman Steinberg
Leading Data Scientist

Leads the team training neural networks at uKit AI. Being a Ph.D. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Roman has 3 years of experience in commercial projects in the field of machine learning, computer vision and data mining.

And over 100 employees in 4 cities of the CIS

Mikhail Gurevich
Oleg Levshin
Leading Blockchain Developer
Viktor Kadnikov
Art Director
Tatiana Zhukova
Localization Manager
Aleksey Donets
Marketing, SEO and PR Specialist
Oleg Lisovenko
Marketer, Project Manager
Alexey Popov
Support Team Manager
Alexander Pezikov
uKit AI Team Leader
Evgeny Mudrov
Developer of uKit AI Core
Alexander Mosunov
Developer of uKit AI Core
Andrey Derbitov
Full-Stack Developer
Ruslan Zanoch
Senior System Administrator
Eduard Makarov
Oleg Pavlov
SMM and Direct Marketer

Meet Us in Person

We are looking forward to seeing you and answering your questions
in person at these events in different parts of the world.

Past events

February 1-2 — Shanghai, China

Meetings with potential advisors and backers

  • Irina Cherepanova

    CPO, Co-Founder

February 2 — Moscow, Russia

AI Hub Winter Meetup

  • Eduard Makarov


February 4-6 — Singapore

Blockchain Economic Forum 2018

  • Evgeny Kurt

    CEO, Co-Founder

  • Irina Cherepanova

    CPO, Co-Founder

February 7-9 — Moscow, Russia


  • Roman Steinberg

    Leading Data Scientist

  • Eduard Makarov


February 13 — St. Petersburg, Russia

Blockchain & Fintech Conference St. Petersburg

  • Irina Cherepanova

    CPO, Co-Founder

  • Oleg Pavlov

    SMM and Direct Marketer

March 15-16 — London, England

2nd Annual Deep Learning in Retail and Advertising Summit

  • Roman Steinberg

    Leading Data Scientist

  • Alexander Pezikov

    uKit AI Team Leader

March 21 — Moscow, Russia

Marketing Automation Conference

  • Eduard Makarov


April 6-7 — Ulyanovsk, Russia

International IT Сonference "Stachka-2018"

  • Eduard Makarov