ICO Is Сomplete!

Thanks to everyone who participated! We're already working on the product. Here you can follow our news.

Tokens are issued!

Pass KYC and withdraw tokens to your wallet

  • Collected amount

    $2 500 000

  • Development status

    Marketplace for tokens

  • Listing status

UKT Token

Already backed by working products

650 000 000*

Tokens issued


KYC passed

A holder of 10,000 or more UKT tokens is eligible to use premium packages within the family of uKit products (including uLanding) for an indefinite period of time during which UKT tokens are held. In case a UKT token is resold or transferred, this right is passed to a new holder. When used in this way, tokens don’t expire and aren’t used as means of payment though serve as access to premium services of the company.
10 000
15 000
20 000
30 000

*Tokens will be additionally burned upon the completion of the KYC by all participants.

Now in the works
  • Lifetime use

    Of existing website builders. And the tokens won't expire.

  • Influence the product

    The release cycle of the new functionality is determined by votes of token holders. The fairness of voting is ensured by the blockchain technology.

Utility Token

According to the Howey test results, our token is not a security.

June 2015

Launch of uKit's commercial version

March 2017

1 million uKit users,
active international sales

November 2017

uKit AI Prototypes:
website recognition and evaluation

June 2018

Token issuance

Soft cap


February 2018


December 2017


September 2018

System allowing to pay with tokens in site builders

December 2018

Marketplace for tokens

January 2019

Voting system for product changes

Current Development Status

In early September, the option was released making it possible to pay for uKit sites with tokens.
As long as the tokens are connected, the site has the chosen subscription plan enabled.