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What We Do

uKit AI 2.0 is a system that creates personalized landing pages for each individual visitor.
It is based on:
  • Artificial intelligence

    Deciding what kind of website a person will most likely enjoy

  • Generative design

    Rebuilding a website on the fly

  • Blockchain database

    Giving traffic contributors an opportunity to earn by educating the system

Problems We Solve

Conversion is the cornerstone of effectiveness for a website or landing page. Your site can be a head-turner but if it doesn't bring you buyers, it's a useless unit on the Internet.
  • 1
    Low conversion rate

    Every product has several groups of buyers. And each audience needs an individual approach with their own landing page.

  • 2

    It takes a lot of time to search for an effective solution for each audience. Routine manual work doesn't let you quickly find a working hypothesis to make meaningful changes.

UKT Token

Start of Pre-ICO sale

December 11, 2017


February 19, 2018

We will issue 1 000 000 000 tokens, 55% of which will be realized during Pre-ICO and ICO at the price of $0.015 and $0.02 for the token, respectively.
Token distribution
1 000 000 000


  • Costs
    Percentage, %
  • ICO
  • Reserve fund
  • Team
  • Advisors
  • Bounty
The raised funds will be spent on finalizing the uKit AI machine design system, creating the uData blockchain data storage and marketing activities to bring the uKit AI 2.0. platform to the market.

Our products

Launched in 2015

Website and online shop builder with 1 million users.

Try beta version

Landing page builder with tools for A/B tests and dynamic switch of pages' content.

Prototype: AI evaluates websites

Website redesign using generative algorithms and neural networks.

Development starts after ICO

Storage of data about audiences that is updated with information from large third-party DMPs and users' traffic.


Evgeny Kurt

CEO, Co-Founder

12 years in the business of cloud solutions for creating websites. Evgeny is in charge of the development and operating activities of the company.

Irina Cherepanova

CPO, Co-Founder

Supervises marketing and development of all products of the uKit family (uKit, uLanding, uKit AI). Irina joined the company 8 years ago.

Pavel Kudinov

CTO at uKit Group

Pavel has been supervising the development of uKit and uKit AI from the very beginning. He has 12 years of experience working as a technical director in high load projects, five of them — in our company.

Roman Steinberg

Data Science Specialist

Leads the team training neural networks at uKit AI. Roman has 3 years of experience in commercial projects in the field of machine learning, computer vision and data mining.

And the rest of the uKit team: over 100 employees in 4 cities